New collector at PIT Chile Santiago

We have deployed a new collector at the PIT CL exchange, Santiago, Chile, hosted by PIT Chile. is now accepting peers. If you would like to participate by contributing your routes, please submit a peering request.

We prefer FULL TABLE export if possible, and filter out RFC1918, NULL routes, and DEFAULT route.

Our peering details can be found at:

RouteViews has been a member of the Internet community for over 20 years. RouteViews operates data collectors throughout the world, and provides support to researchers and operators. Collectors serve as real-time operational tools, as well as data sources for the RouteViews central data archive. RouteViews data provides a significant source of information to the network community for the study of global routing dynamics.

Our success depends upon the cooperative spirit and generosity of our peers, associates, and members of the network community. RouteViews would like to thank PIT Chile for their support in establishing this collector on PIT CL Santiago, as well as the support of the members of the exchange community.

Additional resources related to this collector can be found here:


For additional information, please contact
RouteViews AS6447

Posted by Hans Kuhn