Tools for Collection and Manipulation of RouteViews Data

Cisco BRIB $ Dampened Routes Collection

A script is run every two hours to collect the (full) BGP RIB and dampened routes. 

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Automated queries

It may be useful to run periodic commands on a RouteViews router. RANCID provides an expect script called "clogin" that easily automates command execution.

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BGP Beacon

A BGP beacon is a compact BGP speaker that announces and withdrawls a beacon prefix at specific intervals. The behavior of this prefix can then be analyzed closely.

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Compression Utilities

The data archives collected by RouteViews are compressed with either gzip (.gz) or bzip2 (.bz2).

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MRT data files

Zebra bRIB and BGP update dumps are in the well-known MRT format. These are binary files which can be converted to ASCII with these tools. 

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Zebra Bits

Zebra does not create directories prerequisite for it's MRT dumps. mkzebradirs does this for us.

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CAIDA Atoms Tools

CAIDA maintains a set of tools on their Atoms download page. The straightenRV(1) tool can be used to parse the 'sh ip bgp' format RIBs.



RIPE's full-featured looking glass site

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CAIDA's BGPReader is a command line tool that prints to standard output information about the BGP records and the BGP elems that are part of a BGP stream.

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BGPmon helps you assess the routing health of your network, providing you with information which allows you to determine the stability of your networks and potential risks to your data.

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